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Cheaters gave my team error code baboon that nearly crashed the app twice for everyone. Only two of us were kicked at first, then the. This is a complete guide that helps fix Destiny Error Code Bee and/ or other common problems while trying to play Bungie' s game on your xBox. Since Destiny requires constant server connection, there' s a chance you' ve encountered the dreaded Baboon Error Code. This frustrating error. On Xbox, internet is all fine, all games work flawlessly, only Destiny doesn' t. Takes 2- 3 attempts to log in, hopping on a planet takes forever,. If you' re suddenly experiencing an influx of Destiny 2 error code Baboon, you' re not alone. With the drop of Curse of Osiris, Destiny 2 players. Bungie is actively tracking this general networking error. Your disconnect was reported the moment it occurred.

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    Baboon error code

    This error can be due to packet loss or. The guys test out their metal against the world of Destiny. We fight toe to toe with each other and the scum of the multiplayers. Spoiler Formatting. For Spoiler Warning in Titles Begin your title with the tag " [ Spoiler] ". For Spoilers in Comments* Format your comment like. Official status updates on The issue causing BABOON, CACAO, PANTHER, and ANTEATER errors has been resolved.