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It is robust to spelling mistakes, synonyms, missing or added words and a number of other data quality problems frequently encountered in the real world. This program exports a Matlab figure to PowerPoint and converts it into a group of PowerPoint objects. It then edits various object properties directly in PowerPoint, such that the figure can be easily modified without disrupting appearance, alignment, etc. - Exports using an added button on the. tablist) contents to Excel, and doing them one cell at a time is also really slow. To access your COM object, client programs must get a reference to it using but there is no column named " 1", so it returns error. Søk gjennom vår katalog med " Microsoft Excel" feil og lær hvordan du fikser disse Runtime Feil feilene raskt og enkelt. The thing that is bugging me is that this code was working fine for several weeks, and then just fell over. Its not really possible to probe as its in a built app and then several weeks into a test. My only thought is that in this particular bit of code the spreadsheet is kept open and written to multiple times. In my case, the exception was been thrown because my excel Interop tools was displaying a modal dialog ( associated with a expired licence key - shame on me). My guess is this is caused by the loss of write access to your file. To prevent both Excel and Matlab from trying to edit the same file at the same time, one program would have to give up write access. When unmanaged code returns an error, the HRESULT is converted to an exception, which is then thrown by the runtime. For information about HRESULT values and their corresponding.

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    NET Framework exceptions, see How to: Map HRESULTs and Exceptions. I also faced the same issue, when I was developing a application which exports project contents into excel file. I could not found the resolution in forums for my problem, then I check the maximum capacity of excel and found below link which says. Hi Andreas, Thanks for the suggestion. Actually I tested with 5 rows only but the problem was the ' RefRecID' which doesn' t supported by the format of the cell. Hello, ( using VSpro, Excel ) I would like to read the SourceData from a PivotCache ( pc) in a workbook. These PivotCaches are based on lists within this workbook. As per my knowledge, this is an issue related the com objects usage. To avoid this problem, I suggest you to use DIXF and if necessary, create a specific Entity, etc. I have constructed a xyscatter plot in excel using activex from matlab code but cant figure out how to dimension it. Chart object is an Excel ChartObject that is. Here is the code that I have:. Another cause is when attempting to write to spreadsheet which is " protected" ; Sheet and workbooks can be protected on the " Review" ribbon.

    The zip file includes saveppt2 and a sample presentation created with saveppt2. The code for creating the presentation is also included. Error: Object returned. This method is used to explicitly control the lifetime of a COM object used from managed code. You should use this method to free the underlying COM object that holds references to resources in a timely manner or when objects must be freed in a specific order. Durchsuchen Sie unser Verzeichnis von " Microsoft Corporation" Fehlern und erfahren Sie, wie Sie Laufzeitfehler schnell und einfach beheben können. Redirect Error " object Required" When I try to use the response. redirect or response. cookies I get an error saying " object required". I` ve tried to write. Previously, using Matlab a and PowerPoint, I would paste a jpg ( copied from plot window) into a new slide and modify the position and width of the picture using the following code. Browse our directory of " Microsoft Excel" errors and learn how to fix these Runtime Errors quickly and easily. I have installed the Filenet 5. 1 Client but I dont see the application in Add/ Remove program but its in the C: \ Program Files ( x86) \ ibm\ FileNet same way I dont see the FileNet.

    dll in C: \ Windows\ assembly, WSE 3. 0 is installed and its in Add/ Remove Program. I had put application. quit( ) ; while debugging the code and I forgot to delete that and that was causing the issue. This function saves Matlab figure windows or Simulink models to a Powerpoint file in metafile format using the ActiveX interface. The figure or model is first copied to the Windows clipboard, Powerpoint is started, a new blank slide is added, the figure/ model is pasted, the file is saved, and Powerpoint is closed. As you might guess from my keeping up with this thread, I' ve accepted the returning an instance of an global: : Nothing object. But, to respond to using IsNull, I assume you mean If Not IsNull( ComObj. Func( 2) ) Then Set TestObj = ComObj. Microsoft VBScript runtime ( 0x800A01A8) Object required: " " ERROR If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Hi, its all about the extension. xls extension because its inherits the row limitations of Excel which is around 65k ( but you have over 90k of rows).

    Here' s the last line of code that throws off th. I' m using Excel and Add- in express. Any clue about this error? what' s the possible cause of this error? I agree with Friedrich. When my company updated to Office, I had a PI add on from OSIsoft that was causing my code that called an excel file multiple times, accessing multiple sheets, trouble. For the exception object to provide useful information about an error, the COM object must implement the IErrorInfo interface. The runtime uses the information provided by IErrorInfo to initialize the exception object. In addition to running code to alert necessary persons to the exception within our application, we still have the opportunity to massage the exception— clearing it if necessary. We have access to the exception that occurred through the Server. GetLastError( ) method which returns an Exception class, and we can clear the exception using the API. there is some place in the AX code, where it siply should wait a little bit more longer, before going to the next line of x+ + code. try to debug and locate the x+ + line and add a sleepbefore it. it could do the job. Browse our directory of " Microsoft Corporation" errors and learn how to fix these Runtime Errors quickly and easily.

    You can no longer post new replies to this discussion. Posts are automatically locked, when no new replies have been made for a long time. If you have a question you can start a new discussion. Object Returned Error Code 0x800a03ec Object returned error code: 0x800A03EC Excel worksheets can contain more than 256 columns so.