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Error invalid number” alert, inform us via comment. Please resend using 10 digit number or valid short code. FIX: Message sent using invalid number of digits. Message sent using invalid number of digits. While texting I get an error " Invalid Number - Please re- send using valid ten digit mobile number or valid short code. " The number I am trying to text is. Please re- send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code. " What am I doing wrong? I read where I could dial a landline and the text message would be delivered as text- to- speech. Error Invalid Number.

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    Invalid error code

    What does this error mean? Has anyone else had this problem? please re- send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code. " where " XXXXXXX" is her 7 digit phone number. i have been able to get a text through to my wife before ( who' s on Verizon) with my iPhone. AT& T Employee Here: This has NOTHING to do with how you` re dialing/ texting numbers. This is happening because your T- mobile Visual Voicemail App is continuously trying to get in touch back with T- Mobile to see if it has any voicemail messages. What are short codes and how can you use them to enter sweepstakes,. or receive a free offer by texting a keyword to a short code? There was an error. · Lately I' ve been getting the following error " Error Invalid Number. Recently, when I’ ve tried to send a text message to certain friends on the Verizon network from my iPhone on the AT& T network, I get the following response upon sending my message:.

    · I need to know what to do about iPhone error invalid number when texting. Use the right phone number when sending the text. It is the right phone number. AT& T Employee Here: whiteout has the correct solution ( apart for deleting Cache). · Get error invalid numnber please send using valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code? Fix blackberry texting problem. say area code is invalid. What does short code mean when. reply you have entered invalid pin code please. and there` s a message " unknown error 24& q; Att enable short code texting. SE: t= 1c34; m= 1 I originally had an ATT Torch but ever since I switched back to a non ATT bold I get this message. and my husband had no problem texting his son. and even got replies.

    Text message error. If you' d still like to use a visual voicemail option, our recommendation at this time is Google Voice Lite. It' s free and provides the same type of functionality as traditional network- based visual voicemail packages. · Short codes give you access to your account information and plan features, fast and free. Scroll down to find the code, then dial the short code to get. Are these number you are texting short codes or other mobile devices? digit number or valid short code" He does put in a 10 digit phone number. He cannot text out but he does receive texts from these numbers. customer support for Sprint Nextel problems like: I. You may need to put in the right area code for the person and a one in front of it for it to properly reply to the message if you’ re sending it long distance on some networks. And make sure you. Our carrier is Sprint and there seems to be an issue with trying to send a text message using only seven digits. Home > invalid number > why do i get an error message when texting. valid short code” error.

    or valid short code error This message fake invalid number. one bandaid solution i have seen work is typing the persons phone number in manually to send a text, but instead of typing each number numericaly, use a corresponding letter key for one of the numbers. instead of typingtryA. for some odd reason, it works. · The error code my wife receives is as follows: invalid destination or service blocked at destination. If texting has been restricted at the account level,. I kept getting " Error Invalid Number. Error Invalid Number message when sending text. Please re- send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code" This person that I am texting to is using Sprint iPhone 6. I am not sure what is going on, now we are dealing with so many Company' s, Apple, Nokia Lumia, Sprint, AT& T and Microsoft. · Error Invalid Number. Please re- send using a vaild 10 digit mobile number or valid short code. If you have a valid texting plan and can receive and send. In order to send a text message on the iPhone, you must have the entire 10- digit phone number in your phonebook. If you are trying to send a text message to the phone number, you must also enter the area code.

    · T- mobile' s revenge: 122 Error Invalid Number. then went to my texting app. · when i send a text message i get an error that says message sent using invalid number of. is a " short code" you have to call. when texting my wife. I think they are aware that there is a general problem with text messages so you need to send them details ( time, date, cell phone number sending, their cell carrier, your cell carrier, your mobile number, result) so they can look into the specific examples. Short codes give you access to your account information and plan features, fast and free. Scroll down to find the code, then dial the short code to get the information you need. Non- T- Mobile self- service short codes are not supported by the Simple Choice Plan with No Credit Check. A short code is a 5 or 6- digit number used for text marketing campaigns. Texting codes allow businesses to scale their text marketing for very little cost. Short codes, or short numbers, are short digit sequences, significantly shorter than telephone numbers, that are used to address messages in the Multimedia Messaging System ( MMS) and short message service ( SMS) systems of mobile network operators. · From: Error invalid number.

    Anyone else getting this, and has any. Hi there I’ d be happy to help with this messaging issue! This is a somewhat recurring bug for some iPhone users. To resolve this issue: Take down the affected number, as we’ re going to delete it from the device. internal server error 197. network specific error codes. no mt connection found for short number. Visit our short code page to learn more about obtaining and setting up a short code for your campaign. However, if you are confident that your message content is compliant, then retry sending the message again. · Texting Issue' s I keep. invalid error code when texting on samsung,. Resolving SMS Text Messaging Issues. Allow Text Message from Phone by Short Code 9999. click on ERROR CODE and look up that code.